ISH24 is proud to present Elios by Flyability – the first collision-tolerant drone, designed for the inspection and exploration of the most inaccessible places. Allowing for the first time to fly in complex, cluttered or indoor spaces.


By enabling remote visual inspection in any indoor environments, Elios drone prevents the need for workers to enter hazardous places or face dangerous situations.


Deployed and ready to gather visuals within a minute. Performing an entire inspection is no longer a matter of days but hours.


Scaffolding, rope access, or crane are no longer needed to perform visual inspections. Elios drone gathers visuals of the most complex and cluttered spaces for you.

  • Close-up images with precise resolution of 0.2mm/px
  • Live video stream to the pilot & video recording onto SD card attached to the drone head
  • Full HD camera with excellent performance in low light and exposure adjustment possible from ground control
  • Thermal camera allows detection for cracks invisible to the human eye or human bodies that are hard to see in poor visibility conditions
  • Flexible camera head allows the drone to capture images above and below. HD camera full HD camera offers a total field of view of 215º and a horizontal field of view of 130º while the thermal camera offers a total vertical field of view of 182º and a horizontal field of view of 56º.
  • On-board adjustable lighting which allows the exploration of pitch-black environments. Powerful onboard LED lights prevent the need for any additional external lighting, it lights up the scene in all the directions you may be looking.

It is possible to fly Elios over 100 meters above the ground in a closed space with the pilot safely standing outside next to the entrance. Since every use case has its own specificities, the following examples provide an idea of the drone’s wireless communication range:

  • Over 150 m in a chimney while staying at the base.
  • Over 150 m in tunnels comprising small curves.
  • Tens of meters away in a metallic ballast tank multiple compartments away.
  • Multiple rooms away in a standard building, up a flight of stairs.

Check out the brochure below for more information.

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