ISH24 is committed to delivering our Confined Space Management Solutions with integrity, openness and a resolute focus on safety first. We can be relied upon to deliver the outcomes we promise because we ensure our staff are the very best at what they do. ISH24 personnel are given the right training, equipment, site support and supervision to deliver exceptional service.

All Confined Space Sentries are trained to ensure they keep vigilant watch of their assigned confined spaces. Their only focus is ensuring all requirements of the client and the Australian Standards are met.

How do our Confined Space Sentries excel at their role?
  • They ensure that any confined space documentation (including permits, JSAs, etc.) is clear and valid, and matches all compliance requirements
  • They confirm all qualifications of those entering the confined spaces are valid
  • The ISH24 comprehensive checklist provided to each Sentry ensures that no detail is overlooked and complacency is eliminated
  • All entries into and exist out of the confined spaces being monitored are immediately reported to Sentry Control, for up-to-the-minute accuracy
  • Atmosphere testing is continuously monitored to ensure the maintained safety of those working inside the confined space
  • ISH24 Sentries are always diligent in ensuring the work crews are signed on/off the permits as well as locked on/off any equipment

The Confined Space Sentry Control Room is an operational hub that ISH24 set up for each Project and which becomes our central operations office for the duration of works. Most importantly, the Control Room hosts the Sentry Control Board which allows Supervisors to know where all our on-site staff are located at all times, as well as the exact job and permit number they are assigned to.


Our approach to the most effective and efficient confined space management is a result of over 10 years of innovative procedures that have been tried and tested during major shutdown works throughout Australia. Our scope of capability includes management of dozens of personnel over short term or long-term projects (sometimes with uncertain deadlines). Our Supervisors and Control Room Operators have an in depth understanding of the nuanced works conducted during projects, along with an appreciation for the adherence to strict timelines to ensure that all maintenance works are completed on schedule.

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